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This deviation was deleted

Hi I thought I would add a critique since it was requested, and I like this drawing very much. I don't know about the background of this, or who it is of, just what I see here:

This is gorgeous, precious, and weird; the background texture works very well here, it reminds me of lighting bolts, creating a more tension filled scene than the figure could be with just a plain white background.

I notice also her hair stylishly askew towards the right—just as also on the right side she holds her skull, delicately with the tips of her fingers, combining a dainty, almost insubstantial physical presence with great power and spookiness. The whole drawing is really filled with a sort of mysterious-cute-dark feeling to it, all playing on the viewer at once. Her hair also covers half of one of her eyes, making those unblinking eyes more mysterious and three-dimensional, as if she is so engrossed in thought or feeling she doesn't care to brush her hair away.

Her body is thinly draw, and thinnest in her arm and neck. The thin lines adds to the grace her of form, offsetting the (still narrow but bigger in comparison) body. She swears a strapless short dress with impossibly long legs. Her shoulders are squared but gracefully narrow into her neck and a 'heart shaped' head with aethereally wavy, but pitch black, hair. She's like a precious but dangerous doll.

The boots, each one with a different pattern also strike me as an effective detail here—in fact, the whole drawing seems effective to me because of the attention to detail. Even the skull has extra-wide eyes, the same size as the figure, making us wonder whose skull it is.

As a final note, the dabs of color are very restrained but possibly perfect in that regard. I love the use of color dabs here. It makes the picture. They don't overpower the black on white overall tone, but they stand out all the more since they are so bright and there is only four shades, accentuating the highlights of the figure and her skull, as if she is floating comfortably in space, staring blankly longer than any viewer could stare back!
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AWFULLi Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
Hi! Thank u so much for this critique! I was surprised about how so see my drawing. It made me see the other sides of my drawing that i didnt looked at when i was drawing them. Its how our my do these works and its amazing. Also, it made me see my mistakes and will make me do my next work better with those points. Thank so much!!!!!! ^w^
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