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All In by bigcas61

Where have we seen this before? An old trope but with a new and in-your-face twist, instead of dogs we have the three little piggies. But these are really hogs, obese, with fat rolls galore on their mostly naked skin, which also features little furs and hairs sparsely distributed. They are not cute in the least, and it reflects badly upon their game. Is this a satire on gambling, where overfed, under-exercised hogs get fat and lose money all day? (The green cards look not just a little like the U.S. paper currency). They are drooling and snotting; this reminds me of Orwell's "Animal Farm" ruling class. An attack on Hedge Fund managers of today?

The biggest (fattest?) one is to the right, and has the most chips; just as the littlest one on the left has the fewest. In gambling, even victory has its price--he has won but suffered corruption of the body. Although the smallest hog is still grotesque, the fattest one is the worst, barely able to push his chips into the pot, so great is his girth. The little hog is pointing his hoof, and staring directly at the fattest, challenging him to move or fold. The fat one looks down at his chips, contemplating it morosely. The middle one looks happiest, perhaps expecting his win, since he is in second and senses his chance to take the lead.

Their furniture, looking like unfinished wood, or cork, adds to the rough textures of their skin. The wood, in fact, has a rough but natural appearance, unlike the corrupted nature of the animals, who nonetheless use the natural wood for their own purposes.

Subtle this isn't, the picture is harsh to look at, but was obviously intended so, and as such the artist's intent looks effectively portrayed here.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
2 out of 2 deviants thought this was fair.


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