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Dancin on the Point by ksbrock

My view is at a restaurant, if one thing is good, they are all good. Everything on here I like; this particular work especially, perhaps since it is more playful and colorful. What looks like a setting sun has reached the horizon, still bright enough to illuminate the scene and act as a bright-white presence in all the mellow yellow background. The lighthouse is playfully waving, breaking up the predictability and monotony of the scene, and is leading a chorus of trees, which are slightly Dr Suess-like in their fantastical shape.

The water reflects the scene, closest to us, like a mirror; possibly some refraction/waves could have (but there is a reason I think why they aren't) been there to show the effect of water, but the work still looks effective to me. My guess the reflection was mirror-image to add to the illusion. The use of the promontory allows us to see the line of dancers amidst the sea and sky, profiling them with maximum effectiveness. For a moment I wondered if the trick is on the viewer who is just seeing this as a mirage, but it rather looks like a fantasy landscape, what happens when the human's back is turned, the boring trees and buildings can move too.
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ksbrock Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
Wow! heavy duty. I will have to contemplate this for a bit. Lots to take in. I really appreciate you taking the time and I will consider all. Thanks so much! Kyle
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